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The Lync DHCP Server does NOT participate in the IP acquisition process.It can live alongside another DHCP Server just fine.Just don’t go put your phone in the closet for months and expect it to still work.You may end up having to bring it into the enterprise to go through the DHCP Process to obtain a new certificate.If you want to bring your phone home with you, you must go through the DHCP sign-in process at least once to get your phone fully provisioned for certificate based authentication and PIN authentication.Once you have an existing certificate on the phone, that certificate can be used to obtain a new certificate if needed.

Its job is to listen to DHCP Inform messages that come from a specific type of vendor class client known as MS-UC-Client.You can then run a script called DHCPConfig that takes the data provided by DHCPUtil and configures your Windows DHCP Server or your Lync DHCP Server.I will not go into detail about DHCPUtil or DHCPConfig in this article. Let’s take a look at two examples: In this example, our Pool is Load Balanced and therefore, just like in Office Communications Server 2007 R2, our Pool Name and our Internal Web Components FQDN can be the same.Our Polycom CX600 would do a DHCP Inform, find the Windows DHCP, find Option 43, contact the Web Components FQDN, get a certificate for mutual authentication, then use Option 120 to contact the local SBA.If the SBA has a certificate that contains a domain (whether it be in the CN or the SAN of the certificate) that matches the SIP URI of the user attempting to connect, the user will be allowed to connect and all is well.The problem is, not all DHCP Servers can handle all the above requirements.

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