Dating and other dangers first date dos and donts

So given all of the headaches sex on the first date can create, how long should you wait?

This is a very personal question — based on your values, age, experiences, and wants, such as the type of relationship you need, and a host of other factors. I know couples who have gone on to fall madly in love with each other for the long-term.

It can be hard to resist sexual advances on a first date.

To perhaps liberate themselves or others wanting to go for it on the first date, someone on the anonymous secret-sharing app, Whisper, posed the question "What are some reasons to have sex on the first date?

Whether completely crushed or in total remorse, a number have pondered this very matter, often during their morning “walk of shame.” Was it wise to have sex right away? Yet between husky whispers, succulent kisses and clothes on the floor, the decision often becomes an afterthought.

How many people have wondered that the morning after? To sleep or not to sleep with someone on the first date — or after a chance meeting, for that matter — is a major decision.

But most aren’t so lucky, which is why every person — and every potential or committed couple — needs to take the time to contemplate when to go all the way.

For some people, such “sexpectations” involve anywhere from four to nine weeks of dating.

People have trouble resisting opportunity, especially with a flaming hot risk-taker who wants to get naughty.

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