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Okay, I’m projecting my bad experiences on every man out there and thats’s not fair so I write this instead: And in the interest of being honest I close with: “P. my best friend wrote that last part…” (Note, I yellowed out some of my pictures with friends, including my connections’ pictures to protect their privacy.) Alright! I’m pumped, ready to make dating decisions based on superficial evidence, while drinking with my friends… Five minutes later I wonder if all the men in my Bumble vicinity work at the same company, yes it appears they do. Shit, why is Columbus always so late to catch up on trends?! The friendship aspect of opening your settings to “everyone” is actually useful if you’re looking to make new friends when you’re traveling or are new in town. That’s fine, I don’t even remember swiping right for him anyway.

“It’s like they all decided to join during their morning meeting,” says one of my friends. Every time I tell my friends on the east coast about something “new and cool” I discovered here they go: “Oh yeah, there’s one on U street that opened two years ago! Well that tells me a lot about my connection’s swiping habits…Don’t drink and swipe boys! Be gone connection with guy I’ve never heard of until now. Later I find out that you get one shot per day at extending the connection for another 24 hours if you want.

It takes me almost an hour to get up and running, but only because I was being social while I picked out photos and thought of something smart to write.

For the regular user it will probably only take five minutes.

Me and the rest of my thirty-something year-old friends, want to know where all the thirty-something year-old single men are at?I select a few pictures for my profile, you get a choice of six, while I take a sip of the beer I’v been nursing. ” I ask my friend Katie, “That’s good, it makes you look very athletic. Now comes the hardest part, writing something about myself. Or maybe they’re just a little drunker than the thirty-something guys, who by now are better at handling their liquor. I just ran out of guys,” I say interrupting the convo around the patio table, “this app is killing my ego right now! Another ego-killer on Bumble is that there’s no instant match gratification, like there is on Tinder.“Ugh, I don’t know what else to write besides: I’m allergic to pretentious assholes who are intimidated by strong-willed women,” I say frustrated. Either way, I don’t see a whole lot of guys over 30. “Looks like you’re out of people…” reads the screen, after my last swipe. Clearly due to the fact that there aren’t enough guys using the app yet because I just ran out of them! ” The app warns me that one of my connections with a guy will go away if I don’t message him within the next hour.No one is blowing up my phone at weird hours of the night.These features all make sense since Bumble is an app envisioned by a woman who co-founded and then left Tinder, (for reasons you can explore further here).A few days ago while chatting with one of my friends, I learned of a relatively new app called: Bumble.

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