Youtube speed dating 101

Digital technologies have created an explosion of video communications.People now have high-definition (HD) video cameras in their smartphones and can upload and share videos on social websites.

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While Vid Con is still typified by mob-like worship in the form of selfies and sobbing, “this year the fans seem to have a little bit more respect,” Camarena said.John Fitzpatrick, a talent manager at Collective Digital Studio, is bullish on Snapchat’s diverse use cases.Most renowned for ephemeral messaging, Snapchat now sells ads against ‘Live Stories’ (snaps curated around major events like the Special Olympics,) as well as its ‘Discover’ channels (11 media companies like who serve content there daily.)“We can have a one-on-one communication, or it can feel like social media, or it can feel like really premium content,” Fitzpatrick said.While neither Facebook nor Snapchat exhibited at Vid Con, Vessel was a major sponsor this year, and CEO Jason Kilar presented on the four-month-old company’s rise.Related: This Online Video Startup Is Betting Fans Will Pay for Early Access“People make fun of the new until it becomes the norm,” Kilar said of the improbable notion that users might pay for content that’s also available for free.(Vessel charges users .99 per month for early access to popular You Tube videos, among other content.)The service continues to woo top-tier creators, Kilar said, because it offers a cut of both advertising and subscription revenues — translating to a CPM, or rate of payment per 1,000 views, which is 20 times larger than average rates currently offered by You Tube.

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