Wsus not updating status report

WSUS server has both of the Windows 10 related updates (including the one that required additional steps after installation). Windows 1511 updates no problem and you can even start the 1607 update from WSUS if I approve it for a computer. Download()#Install updates.$Installer = New-Object -Com Object Microsoft. I've heard there are settings which were in 1511 (?

Just for once, I wish that one of these 6mth updates could go off without some sort of major hitch! ) that were removed in 1607 and there is not currently away to have both ADMX loaded at one time.

Actually just updated a 1511 laptop to 1607 @home from my WSUS server and it seems to be updating fine after the update.

The powershell script does help kick machines that seem to be wandering aimlessly instead of just installing the updates in the pants.

s-10-1607/Adding KB3176495 as a preinstall package for one of my deployments via MDT seemed to help but it isn't working now. Have you considered using Fiddler2 to validate the machine is reaching out to the correct WSUS and not any peers?

Also adding KB3176929 made no difference (both of these are referenced by multiple threads)Get-Windows Update Log is of no help since I guess it needs some symbols to make the data readable. I understand that it should be doing that per configuration, but something is wrong and narrowing down the issue might be a helpful next step.

As folks have noted, these post-install steps [and the general way that this update was released] caused unnecessary pain and confusion.

In the meantime, clients may experience some delay in getting the monthly content, but they will eventually download it.This thread calls out several different symptoms, for each of which I'll provide guidance.Note that Configuration Manager will exhibit the same symptoms as each of the scenarios below.1.Administrators should not disable IIS compression, because allowing noncompressed data can increase network traffic and server load, while reducing the number of clients that can be served effectively.It can be a good idea to reset the Automatic Update client if you are experiencing difficulty with contacting the WSUS server with the wuauclt utility.The 1607 just sits for hours on "Downloading updates" without actually doing anything.

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