Women dating less intelligent men No sing up get sex sight


A challenging conversation with a woman that takes a little bit of brain power to traverse, is better than a shallow, intellectually bankrupt one because it isn’t small talk.

There’s nothing worse on a date, for both guy and girl than spending two hours talking about work or something you saw on the news.

The reason is because an emotional connection starts with a deep conversation, one that is made up of profound ideas.In the first part of the study, researchers had 105 male participants read a hypothetical scenario about a woman who, among other traits, had either outperformed the male subject or underperformed him in a math or English course; the men were then asked to imagine how desirable that person might be as a romantic partner.In this scenario, “men formed favorable impressions and showed greater interest in women who displayed more (versus less) intelligence than themselves.” (Research out this year supports the notion that men say intelligence is very important to them in a romantic partner.) But in the second part of the study — where the men were told they would meet a woman in person — a woman’s intelligence worked against her.And, of course, this preference for less-intelligent women in real life could be due to other factors.As the authors in the study published in “Quarterly Journal of Economics” note, “men’s avoidance of more intelligent or ambitious women could be due to fear of rejection by these higher quality women.” Plenty of men aren’t threatened by a woman’s intelligence, and this study didn’t look at what would happen if a man was in a relationship with a woman more intelligent than he was.A smart girl will understand the finer points of social dynamics because she’s observant, and has a solid understanding of the world around her.

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