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Ford herself was a singer and found brief fame with her hit "I Wanna Be Bad." She dated heartthrob Nick Carter for three years until they split in 2000.She opened for BSB during a 1999 tour and dealt with signs in the crowd reading, "Die Willa." I am glad those girls didn't have Twitter back then 'cause wow...At the time, Britney Spears and *NSYNC were on the top of the world and bubblegum pop and boy bands were suddenly on everyone's radar.

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The singer later reflects on "pushing tears out of my bloodshot eyes" and how he wants to "find an out from this endless pain," but the song concludes on a positive note, with Cronin "sitting on a cloud" and seeing "a better place."According to Z100, "It Only Gets Better" was recorded in Cronin's home studio with co-writer and producer Joe Clapp.

), we’re taking a look back at some of the most famous breakups of all time and the good, the bad and the ugly songs they inspired. men she dated during her LA years) referenced in Carly Simon’s hit “You’re So Vain” since its release in 1972, but it was only as recently as last year that she admitted that the second verse was about Warren Beatty.

Beatty, for his part, had himself pegged as the song’s subject all along and even reportedly called Carly to thank her for the song, though he wouldn’t have been entirely accurate: Writer Nick Delbanco was apparently the apricot scarf-wearer, and the third?

Here are some of the most interesting and forgotten early aughts pop star relationships to take you back to simpler times.

Willa Ford was the boy band girlfriend who had to deal with the wrath of millions of Backstreet Boys fans.

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