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In an interview with Agence France-Presse, he said, “Yes, it (the drug war) is necessary for the Philippines—not only for the Philippines but also other countries afflicted with the drug problem.” "The reason why I did this is so people can see the other side of the coin," he said—from the point of view of the "victims" as well as the "victimizers." Mendoza is a favorite movie director of the Duterte administration.He has directed the live telecast of Duterte’s two State-of-the-Nation addresses and films about government programs. Di pa tapos ang kontrata ko ay bigla akong umuwi ng Pilipinas. Pero di sya nakatakbo dahil ang kanyang dalawang paa ay may kapansanan.Ayon sa kanyang direktor na si Brillante Mendoza, ang war on drugs ay kailangan ng Pilipinas at nang ibang bansang may problema sa droga. Bawat tao ay may karapatang mabuhay at magbago.” As of 4 p.m., April 8, there were 2,329 signatories to the petition.Among the Remans the precincts of a temple were always quadrangular in ground plan; hence the so-called temple of Vesta, one of the most famous sanctuaries in Rome, being circular in plan, was not strictly a temple, but only an oedes sacra , or sacred building.

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The Netflix TV series is directed by the multi-awarded Brillante Mendoza and stars Derek Ramsay. “Isa ang anak ko sa libo-libong biktima ng kampanya sa droga ni President Duterte.So his Riefenstahlian move to support Duterte and now to justify ‘drug war’ killings thru his @netflix series only confirmed my worst fear about him: unlike Brocka or Bernal, his fascination with poverty is just that—a fascination.” Another human rights activist, Tina Cuyugan, was more blunt: “He doesn't care anything about anything except for the quality of his plastic surgery and getting international glory for his one-dimensional poverty porn films.The Latin form, templum , from which the English temple is derived, originally signified an uncovered area marked off by boundaries; especially the place marked off by the augurs to be excepted from all profane uses.To mark these boundaries no walls were needed; a formula spoken by the augur was sufficient, and from this ceremony came the phrase effari locum , literally, "to proclaim a place", hence, to define and dedicate.It is certain that the Indo-Germanic peoples originally had no buildings for the worship of their gods, but worshiped the gods upon mountains, as Herodotus expressly says of the Persians, or believed the supernatural beings were present in groves or trees."Any dramatic representation of the drug war should stick to the same facts that have motivated an ICC examination of the killings, rather than provide an airbrushed version which does detriment to the truth while benefiting the Duterte government's formidable propaganda machine,” he added.

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