Who is dating jonas brothers

If not, I failed.”Gomez's message definitely did the trick, and Jonas was forced to reveal the real story behind the event."OK, so this was at a time when my brothers and I were a boy band, and we were in Central Park, and [Selena and I] were very private about our relationship,” Jonas, who dated Gomez in 2008, explained.

“And she was unhappy that her Central Park experience was ruined by the fact that I walked about 20 feet away from her.

Obviously, I had the help of my parents and doctors, but I'm an independent person, and I really rely on myself in situations like these.

I have been independent for a while—I just am that way—but when it comes to my diabetes, in the past four to five months, I've been taking even more responsibility.

But recently, the soft-spoken youngest member of those teen-pop princes, the Jonas Brothers, has had to stand on his own two feet more than ever before.

For starters, the 18-year-old singing and songwriting phenom kicked off 2010 by launching a solo career with his band, Nick Jonas & the Administration; the group released its debut album, .

It's continually changing—it's not like I get in a good place and it stays there.

The smallest things, like sitting in a chair in the studio all day, will cause my blood sugar to spike—it will just go high—so I have to be active in some way.

In addition, while Nick still lives at home with his parents, he has taken more of the lead in managing his diabetes—and in serving as a role model and advocate for other young people with the condition.

And that's all while handling the normal ups and downs of life as a (famous) teenager, including his tabloid-fodder love life.

It's funny that's light, but the year before we were gone for about 9 1/2 months—that was a lot. But every day I wake up, get ready, get dressed, brush my teeth maybe, and just go from there. [The Jonas Brothers] just finished up in South America about three weeks ago, which was a great tour. I can't tell you what it is, exactly, but it will probably slowly come to light; it's not all one project—it's spread out over different things—but it's really a fun thing.

The next step for me, personally, is a lot of writing and producing for other artists—that's going to become a big part of my career.

I've had it for five years, and you just learn how to deal. At my last checkup, it was the lowest it's ever been.

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