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We need to have a working group to generate awareness @ grassroot levels about legal EB immigrations - common voters, media, people working around you. How about you take your idea further and start this group.

Should I inform my doctor that I am on medications or should I just hide it? So the old visas don't remain valid so you won't be able to get in if your visa is rejected. OP Inquired about the process does not mean that he is Involved in the process.

And should I take a letter from my school health department about how I don't have TB but been given medicines for School purposes? You didnt read his other posts where he was asking about the job ads....

And if by any chance if its made current when both are done, wishful thinking but being optimistic is better than nothing. I have seen the pictures and it is beautiful in India. Tourism in China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( You will like it. But still waiting for I-140..looks like it going to take some time. I assume answer is No but thought I will get some expert guidance.

Can someone here on this forum list down all the documents that are required to file 140 and 485. Considering all the potential pitfalls, it just puzzles me why somebody would go for such a process on their own. Save some bucks or show that you are smarter than other people?

If you are going to work, then you should be stated as Manager in Operating agreement. I totally applaud him/her if he is making 300K a year and my advice to him/her is that you should not care wether you have a h1b or not, GC or not etc.

However, without a good lawyer, it may be very difficult to persuade a consular officer that you no longer wish to immigrate to the U. I hate to break this to you, but your sense of optimism needs a reality check. Anyways it going to take atleast a year for these to go get over if at all. Concurrent filling of New I-140 , 485, EAD, AP (In July 2007), EAD and AP approved 180 days. Given that I have approved I-140 from company A, 485 from company B and want to move to company C ?And all you girls out there have probably heard of Canadian Heart Breaker Clothing Designer Alex Evans. Dear All, I was doing part -time school in a university and before they wanted to admit me,the university procedures included TB test.For the last 4 months I am on TB medication, I have it going on until october of this year. Since all our PD's our current, we need to get medical examination done. And when OP INQUIRED you stretched it to INVOLVED ?I don't know how my skin test is going to be since I am taking meds. I went for stamping in Canadan and before they even interviewed me they invalidated my visas by stamping them. Thats a lot of money in NJ I have no place to store that kind of wealth! I mean , I know both starts with IN :) but INQUIRE and INVOLVE has entirely different meaning.Or if this has been discussed in a thread can you please point me to the right forum? Even to save a lot of bucks, I don't see how I would do it without a reputed attorney.

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