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In the end, May has a better chance of doing a deal than Johnson or Gove, and has broader support in the House of Commons.

Barnier’s hard line will also make any concessions that May is able to secure seem more significant.

Therefore, he says, it is up to her to come up with something else that the EU would let her have.

“The time has come to make choices, and we await with great interest the choices,” he said. Either the UK must accept all the EU’s laws, or it can have nothing.

I shall remain calm to the very end.” Instead, he set out some of the most difficult problems that still have to be solved – such as the 750 international agreements on which third countries “will have their say” – and said: “Time is short.” If this weren’t alarming enough, listen to what one member of the Brexit inner cabinet told James Forsyth of : Brexit policy-making “looks worse from the inside than the outside”.

Given how bad it looks from the outside, this is not reassuring.

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Finally, the animation API defines a function Func Animation which animates a function in time.On the other hand, it is possible that Barnier’s tough talk and May’s apparent indecision could be the prelude to compromise.It remains in the interests of both sides to do a deal, and many of the leaders of EU27 countries disagree with Barnier’s take-it-or-leave-it position.After Theresa May’s Brexit war cabinet had met twice this week without agreement except to meet again at Chequers later, he was joining a vocal chorus of Remainer criticism that the UK Government doesn’t know what it wants. The Prime Minister has been very clear about what she wants.What Barnier means is that the EU is not prepared to give it to her.This is the bad-mouthing stage of the fight, when prize fighters insult each other at the weigh-in to try to intimidate each other. “I am not going to comment on domestic politics in the UK,” he said, before going on to comment on domestic politics in the UK.

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