What episode do castle and beckett start dating


When the threat to her life is suddenly eliminated, Alex finally has the chance to return to her life in New York and the woman she loves, but after a year of virtual silence, will Kate be able to forgive her so that they can have the life they dreamed of?

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CSI: Miami crossover - This is what happens when I watched the Miami/NY crossover on Spike late the other night.While the crew of Enterprise NCC-1701-D tried to work out what happened to the science ship S. Tsiolkovsky, the same infection which killed the crew of the vessel overlapped to the Enterprise - a disease which led to wild and irresponsible acting...Samantha's reflections on a particularly emotionally grueling case are interrupted by Dr. The attraction between the two women, long buried under layers and masks of professionalism, is finally set free...Luckily Andy and Ellen don't leave them any choice.Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge - Carter has two problems - a horde of zombies overrunning the town and a daughter with an unusual request involving his Deputy.Can Alex show her that a kiss isn't just a kiss but it can be translated through different ways?

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