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I can’t recommend it enough for a project like this.)Spread the paint in the areas you’ve designated (in this example, in the approximately 4” space on the sides of the stairs).

I applied the paint fairly liberally so as to make the surface as even as possible.

TIP: Keeping the carpet below you intact as you’re removing staples from stairs above helps provide you with a safe place to sit or work from.

Here’s what the staircase looked like after the majority of carpet removal had happened on the straight stairs.

Many of us have lived with gross, tired out carpet on the stairs for far too long.

Staircases can be a bit intimidating to tackle, which is probably why old carpeting tends to overstay its welcome.

TIP: If your carpet pad is in good shape, you could opt to leave a portion of it attached to the tread to provide cushioning beneath your runner rug.

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Of course, your staircase may be different than the one in this example, but I’ll do my best to give you pointers to solve any problems you might run into along the way. Before: These photos show the carpeted stairs before starting this staircase overhaul. Of course I didn’t bother vacuuming before carpet removal began.

The brush strokes totally leveled themselves out, which was a major bonus for smoothness. Lightly sand, if you notice any areas that need it, then repeat for as many coats as you feel comfortable with. Installing Runner Step 1: Calculate how much rug you’ll need.

This will take some careful measuring, as the last thing you want is to come up short on your rug length. If you have a straight staircase, simply multiply this number (mine was 19”) by the number of stairs you have, then add in the height of one more riser.

Installing Runner Step 2: Cut non-stick rug pad to fit each tread and nosing.

To save on cost, knowing that I would be cutting the pad anyway, I ordered a 5’ x 8’ rug pad and cut it down accordingly. Take the tread plus nosing measurement; this will be the depth of your cut rug pads.

Sand every surface that will be exposed to be as smooth as possible, including the risers as well as treads.

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