Updating ole object msaccess


Notice that the definition of an object is fairly general.

An object is information an OLE server program exchanges with OLE clients.

I have a table in a temporarily inherited Access 2007 database, which contains basic employee details and a Photo Field which stores a photo of each employee as an OLE Object.

As it currently stands the Photo Field is currently populated by 3rd party software used for making ID Badges for the employees.

(Remember that your program list will probably be different from the one shown here.) This means that any of these programs can create objects (information) which you can link with or embed in your table.The program's developers define the program's OLE capabilities.A possible problem with OLE is the fact that not everyone has the same programs installed on their systems.I've also been unable to get the object into an image control (successful only in linking an external file using the Picture property) I have written a basic VB.Net application which is using a bound Picture Box control which recognises and displays the images correctly, so I gather it is stored in an image format not too alien.Object linking means that you can establish a dynamic connection or link between Access and another program.

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