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Reboted the computer and Norton was still there activated and I could perform a backup of this computer. I have it on all my windows 10 just by changing the compatibility mode for this file : Norton Ghost\Agent\VPro And of course also made a test restore of a software. I've got Norton Ghost15 to work on win 10 I'm glad to say. To run programme went to Directory \Norton Ghost\Console\Vpro On one computer where I have not uninstalled the ghost, It just run without the need for entering the activation code.But when you start a backup, I got an error message after a while. Launching backup of C: drive (system drive) got the following error: “Device \?\Symantec Snapshot3 cannot read 12664 sectors starting at LBA 0.” Appreciate your advise on how to address this issue.This is the best site for Ghost users and I include SSR 2013 users because if you go on the SSR site it seems to be geared up for the professionals not the home users like you and me.

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All my backups use Ghost but now I can't get access to them. Ghost 15 will not activate on Windows 10, Ghost produces v2i files and these can be accessed via the replacement for Ghost which is SSR 2013 R2.

Torrent), and then use someone else's computer to burn it.

Or burn it yourself, using a program such as 'Img Burn' or 'Nero'. You don't need any license or shady torrent sites to download the Ghost 15 SRD ISO file. ftp://ftp.symantec.com/public/english_us_canada/linked_files/Ghost/NGH15... If you want to do Cold Backups without putting in the license code every time, then you need to make a Custom SRD.

I have already tested making a Windows 10 backup, followed by recovering to a previous Windows 7 installation, and then finally recovering back to the Windows 10 backup I just made. I think you made your W10 Ghost backup after you applied your fix, correct. So I could apply your fix first and then restore to a W10 image that was made before the fix. I think your images made before the fix should therefore be fine. It didn't work for me, however (Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit and Ghost 15). Of course I changed compatibility for the exe, but that was it. allard Don't worry about changing the 'NORTON~1.exe' file. Just change any the above files that you can find to run under Windows 7 compatibility mode. The key file to change is C:\Program Files\Norton Ghost\Agent\VPro

The backup / recovery was successful :-) Here's hoping you found all of that quite useful. I have some images that have been made automatically from my settings in Ghost after I upgraded to W10 (without your Ghost fix). The only issue with Ghost 15 & Windows 10 seems to be that it would have stopped working after the 30 day trail period. I have been looking at getting Shadowprotect as an imaging program because Ghost wasn't supported in W10. Supposedly Shadowprotect will be compatible any day so I am waiting. I couldn't find the file C:\Program Files\Norton Ghost\Packages\Agent\NORTON~1 It is likely that you will get Norton Ghost 15 to work on Windows 10 by changing just that one file. I just changed the file you mentioned, and my Norton 15 is now activated. I also made a test by remove a directory with my popcorn time.

If you have that, you can use it without the need to make a new 'Custom Recovery Disk'.

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