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The group is intrigued by the legend, and one night when drunk, they enter the forbidden room where Joanna died. The spirit of Joanna returns, and her thirst for revenge is horrific.

An exploration of what happens when human curiosity and animal rage collide.

Our catalog represents found footage films made in every country around the world!This database covers every sub-genre imaginable, including: paranormal activity, possession, exorcisms, ghosts, demons, occult, Bigfoot (Sasquatch/Yeti), Loch Ness, Slenderman, Mothman, monsters, vampires, werewolves, alien abductions, UFOs, government conspiracies, cults, government conspiracies, zombies, cannibalism, and let’s not forget straight up horror/slasher films.Check back often as we’re updating our database on a daily basis.One day he stumbles upon a frightening video of the unsolved mystery of a high school girl who goes missing while playing one-man tag - a new form of hide-and-seek that is trending online.One-man tag is said to bring ghosts out of their hiding, and in the video, the high school...[Read More] In 1979, 42 patients at Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital killed themselves and the hospital director went missing.However, things take a bizarre and frightening turn when they learn about a different local legend: The Char Man.

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