Updating a linksys router registration to use friends dating site


In 2016, the Remaiten Worm, or KTN-Remastered, spread to numerous Linux-based routers by connecting to random IP addresses and trying out commonly used log-in credentials.

Once it gained entry to routers, they were used in distributed denial of service (or DDo S) attacks on commercial websites.

Shah says that from 2017 onward, Netgear routers have had the automatic update function built in.

Yes, that’s definitely a chore, but it could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

There is, however, an alternative—you can replace your router.

While the exact nature of the flaw being exploited is not yet known, early speculation is that the issue could be related to components using the home network administration protocol (HNAP).

SANS noted that E1200 routers with the latest 2.0.06 firmware version seemed to be immune to the spotted attacks, but the E1000s – which are no longer supported – were not, even with the most recent firmware installed.

[Personally, my Link Sys router continues to work fine with the previous firmware version.

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