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The Vantrue model’s good dynamic range lights up the car’s interior well during the day, and at night four infrared LED lights give you a good view of both the front and rear seats.

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In our tests, videos had good overall exposure, detail, and color accuracy, day or night.

And with the Go Safe 535’s high resolution, you can zoom in when examining footage later and still make out important information.

The Go Safe 535 is easy to mount on the windshield, it has buttons that are easy to reach, and it provides reliable, automatic operation each time you get in your car.

Our daytime video clips had good color accuracy and a wide dynamic range, and we found that license plates and street signs were easier to read than in video from the other models.

The rear-facing camera footage was also clear and sharp, although at night it could be contrasty and dark (which is typical for this group).

Whatever your reasons for beefing up your home security with the help of a camera, there are plenty of different devices out there for you to choose from.

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