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More » Spotify has a lot of users creating thousands of new public playlists all the time, and is sort of like a third-party search engine for those playlists.

You can search for playlists, submit your own for others to discover, check out the charts for popular playlists or use the playlist generator.

Spotify currently has over three million tracks users can listen to for as long and as often as they want with their premium subscriptions.

But who really has the time to sift through that many tracks and build a perfect playlist by adding each track, one by one?

Magic Playlist also lets you title it and set it to public or private directly on the site.

More » If you often listen to Spotify while on the go using your i OS device, then it may be worth downloading this free app.

All you have to do is sign in with Spotify, choose one of your existing playlists and then optionally configure specific parameters (like number of results, happiness, liveliness, etc.) to generate your playlist. With Magic Playlist, all you need to do is type the name of a single song into the given field that represents the genre or overall feeling of the playlist you want, and voila — a playlist of 29 more songs (for a total of 30) will be suggested to you based on that original song.

Every Monday, Spotify updates this playlist with 30 new tracks based on what you've already been listening to.

More » You can get playlists automatically generated for you by Spotibot just by entering in an artist name or by linking it to your profile.

You can get up to 50 tracks generated as a playlist and choose whether you want more popular tracks to be favored.

Related artists are also shown according to the artist songs you play.

If you find a song you like on Soundtrack, you can easily add it to a Spotify playlist directly through the Soundtrack app itself!

More » Roadtrips are long and boring without music, so why not create a quick playlist based on the artists that come from the locations you're visiting?

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