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Lincoln is one of the few communities that require the applicant to undergo a mental health evaluation as part of the process.The state does not require a psychiatric evaluation.By law, people seeking a concealed carry permit can submit an application through a local police department or the attorney general's office.As of the end of the 2015 calendar year, the data shows 3,577 Rhode Island residents had an active permit to carry a hidden handgun, which is just 0.34% of the population.A spokesperson for Attorney General Peter Kilmartin said in 2015 the state approved 98 percent of all new concealed carry applications and 96 percent of renewals. Some towns, he continued, "will take an application under consideration and do due diligence, and there are other cities and towns that don't."In Warren, the data shows the town hasn't issued a single concealed carry permit dating back to 2010.All of the 21 active permits there were issued by the attorney general's office.

Former Little Compton Police Chief Sidney Wordell, now executive director of the R. Police Chiefs' Association, said the legislation would have handcuffed local chiefs' ability to look into an applicant's background thoroughly."It was very restrictive and there was a disparity in what the attorney general's office could ask as to what a local chief could," Wordell said.

Woonsocket was the only community that did not supply the information to Target 12.

Nearly 70 percent of active permits - 2,489 of the 3,577 statewide - were obtained through the attorney general's office. Michael Chippendale, R-Foster, a gun rights advocate who also has a concealed carry permit, said cities and towns can make it difficult for people to get permission to carry a concealed weapon."I think folks who try go through the city or town process, depending on the city or town, can have a difficult time," Chippendale said.

"Especially in today's day and age if an individual is suitable to be in possession of and carry a loaded firearm on a person, they have every right in the world to exercise that right to protect themselves and their family."Wordell said the Police Chief's Association may propose its own changes to the law next year."There has got to be a compromise for law enforcement to be able to do due diligence to make sure that person is suitable and [they have] the need," Wordell said.

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In sheer numbers, Cranston has the most concealed carry permits at 346 and Central Falls as the fewest at 12 with the exception of Block Island, which has 10.

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