Simply sex dating amsterdam


Beautiful stylish décor adorns a bar in central Haarlem. Pop music is playing in the background and people are in little groups laughing and talking.

It is a typical central Haarlem café frequented by people (mostly tourists) of all ages. so the laughter, music and talk is till civil and mellow.

Anyway, let me not bore you with semantics and get right down to my experiences.

I was sitting in a Coffee/Tea room in downtown Amsterdam one day waiting for the rain to dissipate.

I notice someone gazing at me from across the room. My friend calmly reminds me that I am in the Netherlands now.

I gaze back and he gives me a crack of a smile that has some hidden truth. Once he expresses his interest (by eyeballing you it seems) you are usually supposed to go to him and talk to him and that seals the deal. A Dutch person would have gotten the flirtatious cue.

I have no qualifications in the field but I find it interesting to go around analyzing human behaviour (not in an intrusive way) to amuse myself. Please do not get me wrong, I am not a stalker nor do I have sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies, I just find the human species an interesting, complicated and weird lot.

He was merely trying to butter up a woman before plunging into the question of a date.At one of these parties, I happened to be conversing with a very attractive Ukrainian woman. , the man whom I believed to be a thief cries out in a Dutch accent, “Please show me how to make a quick money withdrawal?She was a single woman and having a tough time finding a man. I am in a relatively quiet part of Amsterdam withdrawing money from an ATM. I always mess up.”“Okay, can you read and write Dutch, the instructions are in Dutch,” I say.In case you are not familiar with me, I am African, Tanzanian to be exact and I have lived in several African countries.African parties in general are very different in comparison with the Dutch parties.Some women would be greatly offended and threaten to slap him, some would very much welcome the sexual innuendo and want to act on it immediately (not exciting), some would be confused and at a loss for words and others would simply switch seats and get away from the “sick and sleazy” man.

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