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Amnesty International adopted this position in 2015.According to the prostitution-as-harm narrative, women are harmed by the practice of selling sex, in a way that must be addressed by law.Benjamin employs and accommodates almost exclusively Israeli citizens, and was officially opened by 20 rabbis brought over especially from Israel.Those wishing to stay at the hostel must buy a tourist package worth approximately 0, which includes everything from food and lodging to unlimited alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and prostitutes, reported Las 2 Orillas.A legal model often linked to this narrative was introduced by Sweden in 1999, and is widely known as the Nordic model.This model abolishes prostitution and criminalises the men who buy sex rather than the women who sell it.

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Meanwhile, locals have grown tired of the out-of-control parties thrown every few weeks, which often last 24 hours and continue to damage their businesses by drawing negative attention to the town.View the full list How should the selling of sex be treated? What kind of links are there between prostitution and sex trafficking?Such questions ignite vigorous controversies around the world, and Israel is no exception.The prostitution-as-harm narrative is supported by worldwide research.Compared to those who are not involved in prostitution, a much higher percentage of women in prostitution fall victim to a range of threats from rape to armed robbery, assault and defamatory speech.The founder is ex-soldier Assi Moosh, who saw potential for business for other former soldiers who had been in obligatory military service for three years.

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