Sex in naija

I had always seen myself as an interesting personality but I always felt that you needed to have the right connection or know people before you could get into the Big Brother house but this time around, it was an open audition. All you needed to do was to get to the venue of the audition with your Nigerian passport.I got to the venue of the audition late on a Saturday and it rained on that day, so I had to return.At that young age, I had some distractions but I knew that I could not attend the university without finishing without a very good result.READ ALSO: When I entered the house, I actually planned for the worst case scenario and that was to leave in a week or two.I tried as much as possible to keep the job before I went for the show but it seemed quite impossible so I had to quit.Initially, I did not inform my father about my decision, I had to hide that fact from him but after I have got to this stage, I cannot go back to banking immediately. I feel that the reason they did not believe me is because of my accomplishments, not many people of my age have done what I have achieved in life.

I am still young and I felt that if things do not go as planned, I am just 23 years old, I have a good CV and I could still get another job that would pay me relatively well.

We did not know the amount of love people had for us outside the house.

I particularly wanted people to love me and see the values that I had because I knew that whenever I left the house, that is what people would still love about me.

Now that the game show is over, I am hoping to have a better relationship because I think the house put some of us under a certain pressure and we did not act as we would normally do in reality.

I was raised in a family where violence is never an option and I am also in a society where violence can never be an option.

I felt that she was a smart girl and we could flow mentally which is something I find very attractive in a woman.

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