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We know how to pull together a vintage or laid-back outfit.

We don't have to rely on pricey designer items to look great.

On her travels, she saw one thing in common everywhere: plastic pollution.

Barrows has directed global microplastic pollution research since 2013, developing the most diverse and largest known dataset available to-date.

We have the best of both worlds, with giant parks nearby all parts of the city.13. Philly girls are down-to-earth, and we are used to our men knowing how to build a cabinet or two and definitely change a tire.

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Pashon Murray has an unrelenting drive for waste reduction, recycling, and reuse of materials.After mapping the canopy of old-growth temperate rainforests and trapping Tasmanian devils, Barrows studied and published two papers on seahorse diversity in Papua New Guinea.She has traveled the South Pacific by boat, trekked the Himalaya, explored the Middle East, researched sea turtles and big cats in South and Central America, dived Mediterranean wrecks, and worked aboard a schooner in the Gulf of Maine.She is helping to change the carbon footprint of Detroit through revitalizing neighborhoods, finding solutions for everyday waste, and eliminating trips to the landfill.In 2010 Murray co-founded Detroit Dirt, a local composting and biomass collection company that specializes in providing compost and biomass solutions for the metro Detroit community.During her twenty-year career as an artist, Brickell has exhibited her work across North America and abroad.

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