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Over the past year or so, we’ve visited some of the university sites that’re doing research in this field, such as the Science of Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins.

We’re blogging about it, I had the chance to do a SXSWEdu session with researcher David Yeager, and in November we will have a meeting here in DC about it, bringing together researchers, practitioners, and policy makers so that they can share ideas about this multi-faceted subject and come to common understandings and ways of working together.

(For the record, the kids got some good air.) There were also several rollicking cocktail parties for which guests received formal invitations to fancy Park Avenue addresses.

When the guests arrived, the white-gloved doorman — who was in on the scheme — would usher them into the VW bus that would be parked on the street out front and spilling over with revelers.

Between them they logged countless hours and nautical miles on successive powerboats, Sam Cat and Sam Cat II. had a mind of her own, along with the daring and adventurousness to put it to good use.

She traveled to dozens upon dozens of countries around the earth — throughout Europe, Eurasia, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, including Cuba, Burma, Tibet, Afghanistan, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, Russia and Georgia.

In DC, T took up golf and within months became women’s champion at Congressional Country Club, a title she held for three years running.

decided it was high time for Lisa, then 12 and barely tall enough to see over the dashboard, to learn to drive a car. Her sisters Lynn Simard, Gretchen Raskin and Helen Fuller pre-deceased her.Among these ventures was an epic trek in the early 1970s to the Mount Everest base camp, where she tested her endurance and forged some of her closest lifelong friends.She especially adored Mexico and India, whose bright colors, tastes and sounds complemented her own spirit. S., seeing much of it from the decks of boats large and small, cruising on oceans, lakes, rivers and inland waterways. channeled her talents through a camera, winning multiple awards for her distinctive black and white images and, with her business, Jewett Photography, capturing portraits of many families in Darien and the surrounding communities. considered herself a loyal Bostonian, but New York was unquestionably the city that most captured her imagination and matched her own energy.Think too about how teachers might categorize students.That person that I overheard talking about his “right brain”?She could carry on an engaging conversation with anyone, whether a world-famous composer, an elementary-school nephew, the President of the United States, or the checkout cashier at her favorite grocery store.

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