Settler dating


I believe there is value in the reacher settler model when it forces someone to realize that they are continually dating .

Be the more achieved, more interesting, more everything partner. Otherwise, I believe we should choose the love we truly want, regardless of how it looks from the outside, regardless of what people say or will say.You should get just as much as you give, not because it’s fair and not because you’re keeping count, but because you’re with someone who loves you enough to know that that’s exactly what you deserve.Masculine energy (which is quick to categorize things as cut and dry either/or scenarios) loves being able to think of things through such narrow lenses.Let her go, and find someone that you feel more appropriately challenges you in becoming the best version of you that ever lived. Whichever role you assume yourself to be captaining, your environment and relationship will seem to reinforce that.Would you rather have resentment towards your partner in assuming that you’re too good for her, or be motivated towards constant growth in assuming that you might need to level up in certain areas to match her?Love should feel like coming home, where you’re free to be exactly who you are, say exactly what you think, and feel exactly as you feel.

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