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Seo-Ri's mother Queen Sim was unable to have a child. With the help of shaman Hong-Joo's black magic, Queen Sim was able to have a boy and girl twins. The ending for me, was so beautiful that it touched my young and innocent heart. anybody who wants to seems to get into the royal quarters. They both understand the pain/loneliness of not fitting into sociey, whether it is due to social standing or some supernatural curse. I thought this drama would be like any other drama but it was surprisingly entertaining.

The girl, Seo-Ri, was put under a curse and abandoned deep in the mountains. This personally made me realize that one day when I become older, I will miss those times i spent my youth with the person I love. It only took 10 people to overcome a royal ceremony outside the palace, because they didn't think the royal family would need protection when the populace is so upset? Just hating the ending right now and I can't really accept the fact that they didn't live 30 years being together. People say they could have just picked different actors but i felt Kim Saeron was perfect in her role and Yoon Shiyoon did amazing as well. i just finished it in a row because the story was so great. I like how they showed less action and more about the plot of the story.

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QSR has released its annual list of the fifty biggest fast-food restaurants in the country, based on based on U. sales, number of franchises, and change in franchises from 2010. disappointed :( I love this drama so much, but there was some missing details like at the end of episode 16 they gave us scene suppose dto be from the previous episode but I didnt watched it at all. I personally loved the last scene and made me happy that they would eventually find happiness in the afterlife (well that was my interpretation lol). And the ending, i prefer happy ending than this bittersweet ending. I dislike sad endings in dramas though I know sometimes it's ridiculous to make it good.likes and dislikes all happened in this or not? Ever since they met the goal was to release her from the curse and keep her alive, but why ?? But the plot at the end is too draggy and makes no sense what so ever. But I don't see where the story of the two gets similar beyond that.That scene was when Heo Jun and Yeon Hee sitting beside each other talking . This drama actually has a good message for us, people. I just have a little bit dissapointment with the storyline. I am stingy w my tears :'( i know that the 20 ep of the drama are too draggy and some unreasonable plot exist..whatsoever. Rapunzel was confined in the tower because she is a tool being used by her 'mother' to stay young. they have :* *kissed* hehehe : D i dont care of their age gap...My Secret Luxury takes into account the sensitive and private nature of buying adult sex toys online. Bring your erotic fantasies to life by introducing luxury sex toys into the bedroom.From women and men's sex toys to toys that specialize in couples play, our extensive collection is unrivaled.An amazing tale of true love with an ending that you can't really prepare for. I look forward to seeing her in more dramas or films and, hopefully, they'd also be as great challenging as this. I was expecting it to be tragic but sorrow took me by surprise despite knowing it to be inevitable. It portrays really well how the characters would have acted in the circumstances. Yoon Si-Yoon never fails to impress me with his acting. It feel like I found a new friend with the same taste. The main actor has many expressions and that's something I really loved. But she wasn't evil she was a poor soul and woman who was used as an object. Choi but knew thwy would never be toghether and mr. The last scene when he says he'll accompany her on the fire pire and she just hugged him tighter...i really was in tears. One of my favorite actors is Yoon Si Yoon, and love love some Tiny G she is sassy..

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