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Here are the photos to prove it: Though this presentation might give off a serious vibe, Arceo notes that the whole thing was created as a joke and that the content should be taken lightly.She writes on her Facebook page, “This post is only for fun.Making your Tinder profile stand out from the crowd can be tough.But, one British chap decided to make a Power Point presentation entitled "Why you should swipe right: A presentation by Sam," which he uploaded to his Tinder profile.Many of us have heard the term, “the one that got away” or “TOTGA,” as many Pinoys like to call it nowadays.It’s a title we often use to describe former friends, lovers and even crushes who we thought we could’ve had a serious relationship with.Bastos ng crush ko nag Happy New Year ako sineen lang ako 😂 gawan ko to ng POWERPOINT PRESENTATION KUNG BAKIT DAPAT NIYA KO GUSTUHIN WAG NIYA KONG GIGILIN HA ANO SIGE Posted by Marí Arceo on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 As Arceo wrote in her post, she suggested making a powerpoint presentation that detailed her qualities and attributes as a potential girlfriend.

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21-year-old Sam Dixey's Tinder profile was spotted by Gracie Barrow, who found his "10/10 effort" charming.

), Lizzy decided to take her future into her own hands. The University of Minnesota student, who is clearly a mega brain as she's studying genetics, cell biology and development (see - she's a genius), posted the amazing Power Point presentation she made for this dude on Twitter.

Captioning the first slide of her inspired presentation, Lizzy Tweeted: "I just emailed this powerpoint to my crush Carter do you think it'll work ://" The slide simply reads, "Why you should date me.

[And it is] so you guys will have a good laugh [,] especially [for] my friends.

The person I sent this to knows it is only a joke and [that] we’re good friends.

While brain box Lizzy blathers on about science stuff here (anyone got Lizzy isn't just all about the witty lols, boobs and statistical analysis though.

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