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Consultative transfer on a handset under Lync has to date been the exclusive domain of the Tanjay/CX700, and now I see it’s natively across the entire Sound Point family as well. Other selling points for me include: I thought I’d take Jeff’s posts a little further and see what else I could find or do with these guys…

So, AU0 later and overnight e Bay sent me a 321 to play with.

(Press # to cycle between the keyboard entry modes). The obvious question arises: if the Sound Point range includes full-duplex handsfree (as against the CX500’s 1-way “on-hook dialling”) from the outset, and it’s now integrated to Lync, why would you bother with the 500, or possibly even the 600? In the Aries’ favour is the PIN-based login, and the fact that it doesn’t require any Lync licence to use it (if configured as a common area phone).

Anyways, after you’ve changed your password to something not-quite-so-complex and entered them into the phone, press the back-arrow. There are a few other strikes against the Sound Points to take into consideration: The Sound Point range is a broad family of SIP handsets that you can now re-birth for Lync.

If you haven’t yet, source the bootrom and firmware from here, copy them to the Firmware folder and explode.

Polycom UC Software 4.0.2 B [Combined] = Sound Point_IP_Boot ROM_4_4_0B_Upgrader_release_Boot ROM 4.4.0B Upgrader Utility = UC_Software_4_0_2B_release_sig_While you’re downloading, grab XML Notepad 2007 and install it. And if you’ve not been converted to the cause yet, please also download Notepad . EXE won’t correctly display the log files the phones write.

Here’s a quick walk-through of what I had to do to get it working in my Lab.

First off, you’re going to need an FTP server to serve the necessary files to the phones. I have an “Apps server” that my Lync utils live on, so it made sense that this was where I’d put Filezilla and the Polycom firmware and config.

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We’re going to create 2 new config files, and edit the pre-existing Master config file.

I was actually quite impressed when I managed to get my sample IP650 working.

His recent post on getting the Sound Point phones working under Lync was invaluable – and the extension dialling one even better!

(You don’t need to raise a change request for this, trust me). Because Lync is all SSL-secured, we need to copy the Front-End’s root cert to the config file that the phone will suck.

Jeff’s covered it off nicely here, so I’ll skim a little. / Certificates / Add / Computer Account / Next / Finish / OK.

This release is identical to the SIP 3.1.2 release with the addition of software and configuration parameters applicable to the VVX 1500 phone.

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