Pm liquidating corp maddox not updating


First, borrow 0,000 against the equity in your home using a secured line of credit.

There’s the usual highway strip running through the heart of the place with hotels, bars, car dealerships and malls, plus the usual stores – Staples, Best Buy, Wal-Mart. “As you know,” says Andy, “here in the Okanagan the housing market has been melting for some time.Amended Schedules/Statements - Jointly Administered Entity filed: Sch A-B, Sch D, Sch E-F, Sch G, Sch H, , Decl Concerning Debtors Schs,. -- Schedules of Assets and Liabilities for WP Liquidating Corp. 17-11101 (KJC), for procedural purposes only and providing for its joint administration in accordance with the terms thereof. 17-11101 (KJC) should be consulted for all matters affecting this case. (Brown, Stuart) Schedules/Statements filed: Sch A-B, Sch D, Sch E-F, Sch G, Sch H, , Sum of Assets and Liabilities, 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors,. (Brown, Stuart) Order Authorizing Joint Administration. An order has been entered in this case consolidating this case with the case of Katy Industries, Inc., Case No.“It involves buying a property in the 160-190 range, one that would typically be a 0,000 property if not for the special selling circumstances,” says Mr. “What we are looking for here are distress sales, court ordered or estate sales, something that needs cosmetic help to reach its full potential.” Okay, easy-peasy. Something in this price range can easily be totally overhauled for 10-20k even using professional contractors to do all the work. Allowing 3-6 weeks for the renovations to complete, you have created a tremendous amount of what we call “sweat equity.” OK so now what?Except for the land transfer tax, legals, appraisal and that stuff. You’ve got a property that is now worth 250k and you are into it for 0,000 total after costs and renovations.” Hey, how simple was that?The conference kicks off TOMORROW, January 9th with lunch and a keynote address from Walter Bond.

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