Park han byul and se7en dating is andy still dating megan gale

Oddly enough a rumor was started about Park Han Byul and Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin, but it was revealed that Park Han Byul and Se7en are still happily dating.The rep continued, "Park Han Byul and Ryu Hyun Jin have never ever met, so it's weird that this kind of rumor would even start. It was very surprising for Park Han Byul, who is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend Se7en, who is currently enlisted in the military.One said, "I'm not sure of the exact timing, but as old lovers, their relationship deteriorated and they decided to become friends."He added, "But since they dated for 10 years, it won't be easy for them to stop their feelings immediately. [ 281, -12] Netizens: We have downloaded the Control beat6.

Se7en and Park Han Byul have been dating for a really long time, and they trust one another.

When she gets a chance, she'll address it herself."However, in another phone call with media outlet Ilgan Sports, another JF Entertainment representative said, "One media outlet reported that they'd already broken up before he enlisted, but that's not the truth. I just hope they can be happy if they decided to stick together. Se7en was my first kpop love so even though the massage parlor thing pisses me off, I still am a fan.

They're still contacting each other and doing well. [ 25, -3] Congratulations on breaking up with Se7en8. Boys are really stupid when it comes to their dicks and kpop idols are not immune. When they finally came out about it after all that time I jumped for joy.

They have been together for four months and were first introduced through a mutual friend.

According to Soompi, the two started out as friends and later became boyfriend and girlfriend, and one of the things that brought them together is their shared love for golf.

Since they've dated for over 10 years, these kind of stories are coming out."Stay tuned for more updates on omona as more information comes up. You're going to be reminded of the massage parlor every time you see him, what kind of woman would deal with that? [ 271, -11] Good choice, there's no need for you to deal with that4. [ 21, -2] Finally the news we've been waiting for Article: Park Han Byul reps, "Break up with Se7en? I think it would be cute for them to get married after having been together all this time, but if it were me, I couldn't look at my boyfriend the same after that.

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