Parenting tweens dating

I viewed my policy as the opportunity to give them space to develop those skills that would serve them well in relationships when they were more mature. There is a huge diversity of opinions on this topic.

My last child just entered high school so what pearls of wisdom to I have to share? Looking at your family, your child, and your values, craft the rules and expectations that fit your family and your child.

If they can date in middle school, will they want more freedom in relationships when they reach high school?

Are they wanting to date because everyone else is dating?

Do you remember that tiny, goofy, uncontrollable smile you got on your face when you just thought about them?

Middle school romance is a developmentally normal and yet extraordinary tween experience. ” are just some of the reactions kids hear if they opt to discuss this with Mom or Dad in the room.

) My thinking was this: Middle school is full of hormonal drama. I could easily become the bad guy, taking the pressure off of them if they weren’t sure how to handle a romantic situation.

Don’t let parent peer pressure steer you toward something that doesn’t align with what is right for your family. Tweens are being pushed by development to look for the next cool thing.

Are they the type of child who can stand up to peer pressure?

Our role as parents is to provide structure and guidance through their growth in this area.

That terrifying and exhilarating realization that a person you know has become the person you want to be near (at least for today)?

It seemed everyone was “dating.” All of his friends were paired up, although the pairs changed week to week.

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