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Sex is really the last thing on your mind,” says Hall. Maybe there were others that I’ll see when I watch the show.” “Yeah, that’s not what this is all about,” adds Nodar, who is single.VH1 today unveiled its 2017-18 lineup of new and returning series, the first since Viacom CEO Bob Bakish unveiled a new strategy, identifying six cable networks, including MTV, as flagship brands getting a lot of resources and movie tie-ins, with the rest, including VH1, named reinforcing brands.We brought in a whole new set of audience that is loving the show.We love , we think it’s doing great, we love working with Tyra and 10×10.“I was always very amused because the guys who were a little bit more shy would take heir burlap sack and move it to the front in the loincloth position, and then there were guys like me who slung it around our shoulders like a cape.” Also, the guys say that they had few worries about unintended bodily functions.“I didn’t get an erection for 21 days in Alabama,” Hall says.This year alone we’ve had 4 of the top 5 unscripted series, 9 of the top 20.Our aspirations are to have more than that next year and in terms of hours of programming, we’re only adding hours.

That’s just natural, to see where you measure up.” “I’m very confident, probably too much so,” laughs Nodar.

Our development process is fundamentally different than anybody else’s. We partner with the best show creators and we make a lot of it ourselves so we don’t go through a traditional pilot process and then choose one, we build it all together and as a result, the scripted is slightly behind in terms of timing. We already have opened up a writers room for next season, we haven’t officially greenlighted it but everything is looking good.

We also have some amazing new miniseries, historical biopics in development.

MCCARTHY: She has been a force behind the show, she endorsed Rita.

When Rita was ready to go back into focusing on her music career, we looked at a group of (host) potentials, and Tyra said, ‘I would love to come back, I would love to figure out how we take the show to the next generation and widen the scope, to welcome models of all shapes and ages, to bring the brand to a different level.’ MCCARTHY: We haven’t made plans to move it forward to Season 4, we think it’s a great, fun format, we would like the opportunity at some point to reinvent it but for right now we felt the shows and assets that we have made more sense as we head into the year.

(Yeah, he went there.) “I was about to get the medical team to look at it; that was concern number one.

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