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That means a better performance from Stafford could be required for the Lions to hang their first banner -- well, championship banner -- in 23 years.

"It's not necessarily his injury or anything of that nature, I don't think," coach Jim Caldwell said.

For the most part, it's been more so decision or just close here or there.

It's something that obviously I'm trying to eliminate as much as possible while still staying aggressive, but I really don't think it's been a factor." Stafford hasn't looked the same since the injury, though he could have a point that there are other forces at play besides the finger.

He was the fourth most accurate passer, at 68.1 percent.

And he had just piloted the Detroit Lions to a third straight fourth-quarter comeback.

The terms and conditions of both lending programs are similar.

The amounts you may borrow are the same whether you get a Direct Stafford Loan or a FFEL Stafford.

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Schools generally participate in one of these Stafford Loan programs:.“It’s a team effort to have a run like that.” Now Stafford and the rest of the players on offense will have the benefit of an entire offseason and training camp to delve into the intricacies of Cooter’s offense as they try to perfect it.Last year, it was all about learning on the fly after the change was made midway through the season. He no-question has the reins in that.” Stafford is hopeful this offense can hit the ground running where it left off last season -- even without the retired Calvin Johnson -- because of the comfort level and confidence he and everyone else on that side of the ball has with Cooter and his system.The major differences between the two programs are the source of the funds and certain repayment provisions..For either type of Stafford Loan, you must fill out a Federal Student Aid Application (FAFSA).ALLEN PARK -- Things were good for Matthew Stafford as the season approached its halfway point.

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