Mary kate olsen dating love dating in italia


(Side note: Can you imagine being Olivier, invited to double date with the Olsens, and finding out the other guy is actually even (Photo Credit: Giphy) So why do the Olsen twins do this, when they are still, for the most part, young and cute (when they try) and also total catches considering they're worth about a bajillion dollars each?

Ashley dated Matt Kaplan, Claire Holt's now ex-husband, and Ashley dated Henry Winkler's son, Max, and TV producer David Katzenberg.

She even tangled with Johnny Depp, a full 23 years older.

Weirder still, while she was dating director Bennett Miller, 20 years her senior, the couple went on a date with MK and her 17-years-older boyfriend.

Between the two of them, they've dated TV producers, the already successful president of their own fashion line, fellow megastars, restaurateurs, art dealers, billionaires, and the brothers of presidents. It's no stretch to imagine that, being the head of their own movie company and fashion lines, they'd want to find equally accomplished partners.

And yeah, we can see that might mean dating older guys.

The Full House alums previously went on a double date with their beaus in New York City on November 9, where Ashley was spotted kissing Sachs at a New York Knicks vs. After the game, the group headed to Sting’s 57th and 9th i Heart Radio album release party at Irving Plaza, where they continued to pack on the PDA with their partners.

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