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star Eva Marcille announced on Instagram Monday that she is engaged to boyfriend Michael Sterling. " the reality star said alongside a photo of herself smiling while showing off her engagement ring.

Marcille, 33, and Sterling, a lawyer and recent mayoral candidate for Atlanta, have been dating for more than a year, Us Weekly reported.

Everyone except Sheree says Brielle was way out of line. Nene is pissed at Sheree and Porsha for not telling Kim she is wrong for that. Nene tries to reel Marlo in from coming for Porsha. But she does know she doesn’t want to go to be locked up abroad with these to fighting bitches. Kandi in a talking head reminds us that Porsha didn’t like it when Kenya was waving something in her face.Kandi says Porsha backpedals so much she might as well moonwalk out of the room after talking. OMG I would never ride with any of these women in a go-cart on the streets of Barcelona. Sure as shit Porsha wrecks hers because she didn’t pay attention to the instructions. I liked Shamea a lot more when she was on the outs with Porsha. By the time their drunk asses get home from “lunch” it is dark. And I am shocked and pleased that they discuss the election in Barcelona where they were voting for Catalonia to secede from Spain.Nene is the last to breakfast and she says because Cynthia was a bargain shopper, she has gotten them a hotel room. On the ride to the next activity, we have to talk about Cynthia’s bucket list challenge. They stop for lunch at a fresh farmers market and order a bottle of Absolut and some brown juice for the hoodrats. Seeing her stick to Porsha instead of Kandi is just fucking wrong. I doubt they show any real politics, but it is nice that it was acknowledged.Sterling (@michaelforatlanta) on Putting in some sweat equity together - walking door to door, talking to residents about their concerns, and working to earn votes. #thenextmayorofatlanta #thenextfirstladyofatlanta #newleadershipnewdirection #sterling2017 #michaelforatlanta #startathome A post shared by Michael T.and she, first she sends me the emoji of the hand on the head,” she explained. I appreciate it, you know what I mean, the way you held me down. ” Prior to the Thursday, March 15, reunion taping, Eva, who made her first appearance on the Bravo reality series on January 28 episode, opened up to When asked if she thought any of the ladies would come for her at the reunion taping, Eva responded, “I hope not. We’re all just getting to know each other, let’s keep it cute, put it on mute.” As previously reported, Kim Zolciak’s daughter Brielle Biermann came to her defense on Twitter after the women “ganged up” on her at the aforementioned taping.It is only BREAKFAST on day two, and there is so much drama. Kandi has the sense to ask what the specialty is and the waiter says squid so she and Cynthia order that. Nene doesn’t know the difference between paella and papaya. Porsha is talking about something Nene told her in confidence that Marlo did to her. and I have not recollection of whatever she is referring to. But she does tell Porsha that she never admitted that she fucked up. Nene is not buying it, but production is production.

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