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When your partner translates your message, you can see how a native speaker expresses those ideas.

Finally, when you are translating your partner's message into your native language, don't be afraid to use an expression or slang.

This helps your vocabulary, idioms, natural syntax, etc., and you will also get some practice writing in your practicing language, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.

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The exchange will be more interesting if you can express yourself naturally, even if only for some of the time.

Other advantages include both parties improving their reading skills.

If you are learning Spanish for example, you can find Spanish penpals in the country or city of your choice!

To start, you need to find a penpal (or penpals) from the sections above - a native speaker of the language you are practicing who also wants to practice through an email exchange.

From dinner dates, business meetings, social events, private parties to night outs, our girls are truly great company all about.

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