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And should said actor take a role in a production where they'll do things like nude scenes, using foul language and/or engaging in criminal behavior, then Moral Guardians will arise against that actor for betraying their expectations.

Some actors deliberately seek out such roles precisely to shed their image, and seemingly the majority of male ones lately go through a phase of sporting stubble for photoshoots and red-carpet events to remind us they're not boys anymore (even if they are still playing high school students).

After her trip home in Japan (where her parents remained), Minmay returned to the fortress with her cousin Ling Kai-fung, stylized as Lynn Kayfunn, (and Hikaru's competition for her affection) in tow.

Her beauty and singing talent also win over several Zentradi spies sent to explore human society, who spread their impressions among their fleetmates, thus unwittingly evoking peace-oriented attitudes among the alien aggressors.

An English translation of the Chinese characters in Lynn Minmay's name is "bright and beautiful bell".

The localizers of Macross in Chinese-speaking territories changed the character 鈴 (Líng, "bell") for her family name to 林 (Lín "grove"). Her Chinese-Japanese father is Líng Bǎoxióng (鈴宝雄). On the day of the Zentradi invasion, she meets Hikaru and a series of events leads to her being swept off on the SDF-1 Macross along with the rest of the surviving population from that island.

GHOST IN THE SHELL is an iconic anime feature, beloved by fans for its elegant action, cyberpunk imagery, and, uh, other things.

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D: Major Motoko Kusanagi of GHOST IN THE SHELL apparently will be played by Scarlett Johansson in the live-action adaptation.

"When a young actor comes to public prominence in association with clean, wholesome family entertainment roles, the expectation of studios and audiences is that the actor's personal life will reflect the same upright morality of the character they play.

Heaven forbid, then, that said actor should be found engaging in perfectly legal, perfectly normal adult activities like drinking alcohol and/or having sex.

While most voters are willing to accept certain levels of corruption from politicians, it's only the stuff that actually comes to the forefront that ends up hurting them.

Typically, the quickest way for a politician's career to be derailed is to be caught in a sex scandal, guilty or not.

"I'm honoured that people would think of me as a role model.

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