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Wine and Sangrias are not only their distinctive national drink, but there are many other drinks, spirits, and liqueurs that hail from Spain, but are pretty unknown.Drinking is much more than an action, but also a great social pleasure to be enjoyed with friends, family and work colleagues at any occasion, whether it's a refreshing Sangria or Rioja during summer or a nice warming liqueur or brandy during winter. Brandy in Spain, as well as other countries, was originally elaborated for medicinal purposes.These days, for better or for worse, flavored spirits are all the rage.(Wedding cake vodka: definitely for worse.) But it’s worth looking back in time and paying tribute to the original flavored liquors, made with quality spirits and real fruits, each with proud traditions of its own.

But while there’s a distinct, dark-berry sweetness, it’s balanced by the fruit’s own vivid acidity, and a little nuttiness from the fruit’s stone, which steeps in there too.Though traditionally sipped neat, sloe gin’s deep fruit flavors and balance of sweet and tart make it an ideal candidate for summer cocktails.Here are three of our favorites—all easy to shake up at home, and requiring nothing more than a trip to the grocery store.There’s no better example than sloe gin, a British favorite, made from steeping dark purple sloe berries with gin and sugar. That’s because the little fruits taste pretty terrible on their own; only when steeped in booze do their more redeeming qualities emerge.(Funny, we know some humans like that, too.) Today, Plymouth—one of the world’s classic gin brands—makes its sloe gin from a recipe dating from 1883.Shake all that up without ice—that’s called a “dry shake,” which helps foam up the egg white.

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