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He’s the founder of Peterson Partners, a private equity group that’s made 50 investments since 1995 and has half a billion under management, as well as Peterson Ventures, which invests in startups.

How Active Are Ladder Capital Corp (NYSE: LADR) Shares?Bank of America upgraded shares of Ladder Capital from a "neutral" rating to a "buy" rating in a research report on Tuesday, January 16th.Ladder Capital Corp (NYSE: LADR) has risen 18.80% since January 25, 2017 and is uptrending.Most companies (or leaders) pull off one great coup, riding those as long as they can before fading away. The same can be said of investing; you can make a killing from one huge exit, but many have watched their coffers shrink in the attempt to turn one big hit into two, three, five.Joel Peterson isn’t a superman, but he does have a long history of successful growth capital investments — across a number of industries.According to Stanford’s take on search funds, they offer relatively inexperienced professionals with little capital resources a quick path to managing a company in which they have a meaningful ownership position.” (More here.) We asked Joel about the meaning of search funds in the landscape to which he admitted that, under the search fund model, investors typically need to have access to strong private equity networks as they may end up covering all overhead for a couple of years and giving up a significant ongoing ownership of firms that are purchased.

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