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Jesus rose on Easter day, The stone by his tomb was rolled away.He conquered death upon that day, And He lives again to show us the way.Whether you use a poem written by someone else or you write one of your own, a little poetry can add extra meaning to your child's Easter celebration.Give it a try this year, and you just might wind up starting a new family tradition.Then dip it in the cup of dye And soak it until the color is bolder.Then lay it on a paper towel And let it dry awhile.And Lindy, well, she's more ambitious than ever this season, which will no doubt get her into a few sticky situations.

And then I'll save the rest of you For later on tonight. If I had listened to her my stomach Wouldn't be growling and snapping.

) As for what fans can expect on the second season of "I Didn't Do It," the show has graduated from its flashback storytelling now that the gang finds themselves in their sophomore year of high school.

"We're digging deep into the characters and really figuring out who they are as people," said Holt.

And then you have an Easter egg So pretty it will make you smile.

You can also use a crayon to draw on fancy designs, Like polka dots and lot of stripes Or even zig zag lines.

Guess I got a little carried away, I've eaten you down to your tummy. You may think that this sounds funny, But why do we get eggs from the Easter bunny?

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