Is jackson rathbone dating


Christian Serratos plays the role of Rosita Espinosa who was at one time a love interest to the character Abraham.

While her vampire days are over, fans can now watch her rip apart some zombies on the small screen.

When Bella is nearly crushed by an out of control van, she is rushed to the hospital to see a doctor.

The doctor just so happened to be the father of Edward Cullen-- Dr. Carlisle is known for adopting vampires who often fall in love with his children but is more known for enforcing a vegetarian rule upon the family.

While her appearance in the first Twilight may seem a bit dorky, her appearance today is nothing of that sort.

You may recognize Christian Serratos from her role on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

He is first introduced to the fold when Jessica is telling Bella about the Cullen family in the cafeteria.

Vampires and werewolves really became popular with Universal Studios classic monster movies Dracula (1931) and The Wolfman (1941). set the tone for vampire and werewolf movies up until Stephanie Meyer’s book called Whether or not you appreciate Edward Cullen and Jacob Black more than previous vampire and werewolf characters, there is no denying they took the world by storm and brought about a new fan base with it.

With as popular as the book quickly became, a movie was no doubt bound to happen which actually occurred the very next year.

Once an actor stars in a popular film series, it can be hard for them to escape that role.

Jasper was a fan favorite in the Twilight series, so Rathbone may be having trouble finding another acting job that is as popular as his Twilight role.

She has only been in a few TV shows each year since the last Twilight premiered and even then it was only for a few episodes for each show.

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