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alter ego abruptly called things off at the end of last night's episode—even though poor Mindy had done everything she could to maintain a respectful level of interaction with Casey, who resurfaced in L. (That is to say: She did everything not attend a Hollywood pool party, an option that was clearly not one.) Assuming that next week newly minted sneaker king Casey doesn't come after her, this brings us back to dating ground zero again.

Not only has he led the company with the technology to send members similar matches after they fill out a profile - his company offers advice once you do meet your match.

also understands the safety concerns that come with online dating.

The company is dedicated to keeping its members safe.

What sets this service apart from the rest is its ability to create opportunities, by getting you in front of tens of thousands of eligible singles, with its easy to use 4-step sign-in process, in a matter of minutes.

"Initially, a friend recommended online dating to me after my relationship ended with a college sweetheart.

About is an on-line company offering free online dating services for singles in the US.

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