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I don’t blame you for a second, and I’m not going to tell you which things you should give up in order to find the man of your dreams. What I will do today is illustrate to you how even your simplest list of non-negotiable dealbreakers is the very thing that is keeping you from finding love. The common Christian narrative claims that true faith exists when we settle for nothing less than "God's best for us." However, pinpointing what exactly that is can be a bit tricky sometimes, and I would argue that even for non-Christians, what we think we want and need is not always what's best for us.In fact, holding too tightly to an idea of what our lives should look like can often be debilitating and actually keep us from finding happiness.Take for example, the list generated by a young blogger named Jessica Doyle. She wants him to have full lips, to be in shape and out of debt, to love his family and friends.It's titled "What I'm Looking For in a Man," and it features 129 qualities—starting with intelligence, and moving quickly into the ever-important world of computer preferences. Many relationship experts and dating websites advise people to make similar lists so they might understand exactly what they are looking for in a mate.What happens when they become, dare I say it, unrealistic? Those are the people who have given up on life—given up on their dreams.No, you do not want to become If you're a Christian, this burden of not settling carries an extra weight because settling is seen as indirectly proportional to faith.

It’s that, no matter what, you’re ALWAYS going to find a deal breaker. She’d most recently had her heart broken by a charming, but commitment-phobic man from, and she turned to me for guidance through the dating process. And then she’d complain on the phone that he wasn’t what she was looking for. She told me she didn't, and that she'd never heard of such a thing—even when she thought back to all the young, single women that worked in her office. Do you ever feel like your dream guy is just not out there?Obviously we shouldn’t stop looking for someone who shares our values and those things that are truly important to us, but there are things we can keep in mind to help us prepare for compatibility and love when it strikes unexpectedly.Curious to see how the realities of modern dating affect us, we interviewed women in committed relationships to find out their experiences. who wouldn’t necessarily turn heads if we walked into a bar or party.” Derek showed Ansari how he would go through potential dates on Ok Cupid, an algorithm-based matching site that analyzes users’ answers to questions to find them mates.Even when you’re getting 17 out of 18 of your needs met, you’ll pick the ONE that makes you want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I quickly wrote her a new profile and started getting her more responses.

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