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The Germanic Gloms are mentioned in the Old English poem Widsith.

The princes hang Gudlog at Stomones and allow his men to raise a mound over him.

However, apart from the tribes mentioned in the Old English poem Widsith, the first kingdoms are petty, coastal territories such as Agder, Hlogaland, Oppland (this being the exception in that it is inland), Ringerike, and Rogaland.

The Swedish princes, Jorund and his brother Eric, remain on their warships while Hugliek is king of the Swedes, and they prove to be great warriors.

Petty Kingdoms (Norway) The birth of the modern Norwegian nation took place following the Viking Age, along with the simultaneous arrival of Christianity in Scandinavia and Fennoscandia.

Initial settlement and the spread of the early kingdoms largely followed the rivers, with inland areas being only sparsely inhabited.

This kingdom bordered the native inhabitants of Kvenland until late in the Viking age, when it began to expand northwards.

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