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Archer spent five weeks in the hospital; he had aspirated water in his lungs and gotten pneumonia from it.This incident caused him to miss out on varsity lacrosse his freshman year at St. At age 18, he was regarded as the most recruited lacrosse player in America, although an incident with a crazed stalker gut-shooting him cost him both his lacrosse career and a possible scholarship to Johns Hopkins University (although it is implied this would not have happened anyway because of his poor SAT scores).Archer has the less than masculine code name of "Duchess" (taken from his mother's beloved Afghan hound, though Malory denies this) and had an on-again, off-again relationship with fellow agent Lana Kane for several years, which makes their working environment tenuous and difficult.Archer developed a genuine friendship with Lucas Troy (who unknowingly was in love with Archer) but they broke off their friendship when Troy quit to work for ODIN.At some point as a child, Malory moved without telling Archer's boarding school, leading to him to take a train home alone and eventually ending up in a police station.Malory had to pick him up and continues to view the situation as not her fault, stating that he could have picked up a phonebook.Archer Duchess (official ISIS code name)Slut Chet Manley Rando Randy Randy Magnum Randy Randerson Randy Randleman Lando Calrissiano Cyril Figgis Pirate King Bob Belcher Lickbag Dickbag Butler the Butler Tennessee Tuxedo Mancy Drew Freaky Bigtime Sterling Malory Archer was born in Reggie's Bar in Tangiers, in northern Morocco, Africa, when his mother, Malory Archer, was birthed by Woodhouse.

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Woodhouse traded his bar for a boat, sailed Malory and Sterling to Lisbon, got Malory to an OSS safe house, sold the boat, and used the money to take Sterling back to the U. Malory Archer, Sterling's mother, speculates that Sterling was conceived shortly before she participated in Operation Gladio.It is also implied that this incident is the first time he drank alcohol.One year, Archer got a brand new bike for his birthday. Malory took it from him without giving it back, thinking it wouldn't be a good lesson to him.At his tenth-grade sports banquet, Archer was caught having sex with his coach, Mrs Mupherd.Malory considers this to be the most embarrassing thing Archer has ever done.When Archer discovered that his bike was missing, he sat crying on his bed. Archer simply cried harder, and Malory spanked him with a red ping-pong paddle.

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