Dating show rap song


At the barber shop, the white rappers attempt to win over the customers, with varying degrees of success.$hamrock, G-Child, Sullee, and 100 Proof now face elimination.In the other group, Misfit disappears for a while, while the other three write lyrics.Grandmaster Caz helps MC Serch judge the competition.At elimination, where contestants are supposed to write a verse about their experiences that day, Dasit is eliminated because he did not prepare a verse; when asked why, he claims that "he likes to hear music" when writing songs, and he also criticized the challenge which demanded he write a rhyme in time for the elimination.An infuriated MC Serch tells him off for his lack of effort and announces his elimination.

The next day, the cast is split into two teams: one group consists of Misfit, Dasit, 100 Proof, Jon Boy, and John Brown as captain; the other has $hamrock, Sullee, Jus Rhyme, G-Child, and Persia as captain.Meanwhile, Sullee and Misfit strike up a flirtation.A jail bus arrives to take the white rappers to meet hip hop pioneers such as Fabel, from the Zulu Nation, and Kurtis Blow, one of the first mainstream rap artists.The show is based in the South Bronx, with MC Serch (from the group 3rd Bass) serving as the host.At the end of each show, one rapper was eliminated.Persia's team receives good reviews on their rapping skills by their neighbors in the South Bronx, but John Brown's team does not.

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