Dating king

Many fine commentators see Solomon as the hero of the Song of Songs.

In my commentary, however, I disagree, seeing Solomon as part of the problem, not the solution.

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Yet Solomon acquired no fewer than one thousand wives and concubines (1 Kings 11:3).

Because our sexuality is such a deep part of our identity, that false worship is going to appear clearly in our sexual brokenness.

That’s why the standard moralistic approach to sexual sin — “Just stop it! If our sexual brokenness reflects our idolatry — false worship — then healing in this area will come only as we grow in our love for the gospel — true worship.

I also know that for others, God’s sovereignly allowing them to sin in this area was precisely the means by which he began to open their eyes to the true depth of their need of him. For broken people, the fact that the biblical song about love and sex is connected to the name of Solomon is paradoxically good news.

Unlike many contemporary love songs, the Song of Solomon does not pretend that we live in a world untainted by sin and brokenness.

Awww, we’ll miss seeing these two as a duo both on and off the dance floor!

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