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Paw Pals offers pet boarding (for any type of domesticated animal) and/or dog walking.

The UK network is now run by former franchisee Susanne Cook who moved on from her Salisbury-based franchise to take on the national business.

It’s often said that everyone has a book inside them – but how about a small business?

Many of us have talents that are going to waste as we plod on with the 9 to 5.

The PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturing Association) estimates that in 2016, 40 per cent of UK homeowners have a pet and we’re spending increasing amounts to keep our furry friends happy, healthy and looking their best.

Last year we spent a staggering £7 billion on pet pampering and pooch-grooming parlours, pet-accessory boutiques, dog-walking services and luxury cat- and dog-boarding facilities.

Requiring neither premises nor expensive equipment, home bakers are well-placed to exploit this huge demand, making it one of the better small business ideas.

Lady Bakewell-Park – AKA Becky Sebright-King – can give testimony to that.

Thanks to the likes of match-making giants such as, e Harmony and Tinder, looking for love online has become the norm rather than a last resort.When you’re struggling to make it to the next payday it can seem inconceivable that you might one day be your own boss, making a profit doing something you love.However, not all new businesses require expensive premises, overheads and staff.Having secured a franchise agreement with a grant from The Enterprise Network, Cook intends to add to her 18-strong band of franchisees across the country.She told the Salisbury Journal, ‘We offer tailor-made care […] following pets’ usual routine in their own home, minimising the stress and anxiety that can sometimes occur when they are apart [from their owners].’ With a relatively low franchise start-up fee of £12,995 and an expected turnover of £18,000 in your first year (rising to anything up to £70,000 after becoming fully established) this is a great low-cost start-up for anyone with a passion for animals.The thought that these skills or passions could be channelled into small business ideas of our own perhaps rarely crosses our minds.

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