Dating advice for single


I've gotten everything from, "you'll find someone when you stop looking" and "you should let them chase you," to "you just haven't met someone who is good enough for you." Much of this comes unsolicited, because for some reason, other single people love to give me relationship advice.

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There are days when I get down about not being in a relationship, which means I've heard pretty much all the classic advice for single people.

This might not be so grating if the advice delivered weren’t so inconsistent: Apparent experts on matters of mate-snatching offer diametrically opposed approaches to dating within the same articles.

Maybe you’re too clingy, but maybe you’re too distant!

"Learn about yourself, grow, and have fun dating people while you're single," says Julia Bekker, Matchmaker and Dating and Relationship Coach.

"Explore your options until you find what you're looking for.

But alas, total goobers live and walk among us, often disguised as family and friends.

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